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Abuse & Neglect Attorneys

We’re here because we don’t want this to happen to anyone else.
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Our Mission

We represent individuals and their families harmed by abuse and neglect in a variety of settings. We get you the compensation you deserve, the accountability you demand, and the healing you need. 



With over fifty years of combined legal experience fighting for justice, we get the results we demand. We are experts in our field. 


We work with an unwavering dedication to you and your case.


We walk with you and listen.  We empower you in your journey to healing and accountability.

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Areas of Practice

Sexual Abuse
Residential Care and Retirement Communities 
Elder Abuse and Neglect
Premises Liability / Unsafe Premises
Nursing Homes, Hospice, Home Healthcare, Assisted Living
Automobile, Bicycle, and Pedestrian

Our Clients Say

"Oh my gosh. We are still shaking our heads in disbelief at the herculean accomplishments of this legal team. Our foster son's case was painful, complicated, messy, and difficult. And these wonderful folks knew this, yet took on the case anyway. AND WON. One young man on this earth got a second chance because of this awesome lawyer and her whole legal team. We are still a little stunned. Thank you."



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